WHY DALLAS AINT ON.. (the real)

This is MY LAST opinion on the DALLAS hip hop community. has nothing to do with A.Dd+ opinion.. keep paris out of it (pimp c voice) I will admit that i used to be ignorant about the situation but over time, thru experience ive learned that shit doesnt go your way. I also learned to not expect support from another rapper. from my point of view its about HOW you tackle the audience for attention. That takes a team, a machine.. which most local artist dont have. Popularity aint enough. And your BARS dont matter. Its almost like psychology tryna figure this shit out. You cant force people to like you or hype you up. oh yea, TWITTER AINT AS TACTICAL AS YOU THINK, TWEETING LINKS AINT GRINDIN!! anyways, that was my artist to artist view.. as far as the city.. well, yall see the direction that this hip hop era is goin in right? Yea, REAL hip hop and lyricism is back.. anybody that believes this reinvinted 2006 jig shit is gon pop NATIONALLY is psycho as fuck.. kendrick lamar set a bar for hip hop. The industry lookin at the south like “where yall at?” All we got is KRIT, Jcole..(i guess) and Yelawolf to represent. As of those up and coming there are alot. But jus for DALLAS in this current situation. ALL WE GOT IS A.Dd+… Yall want DALLAS TO BE ON? ACT LIKE IT!! We the only niggas that been on a REAL TOUR.. (3 of em) We the ONLY niggas with consecutive REAL press releases.. this where it get funny doe… all of yall know that shit already.. and yall ignore it because NIGGAS (The urban community,the ratchets) dont wanna see us make it, theyll rather see theyre homie with mediocre raps make it. which is underatandable but dude… we already out here makin noise. THE YOUTH OF DALLAS SOUTH OF 35 AFTER DOWNTOWN IS WHAT CREATES THE DALLAS CULTURE AND CHOOSES WHATS HOT. NEWS FLASH !!! THAT BOOGIE SHIT DEAD!! IT ONLY EXSIST SOUTH OF 35 LOL. Music is the most influential instrument of life.
Did yall know outside of DALLAS especially the east coast, they laugh when we say were from DALLAS. WHY? cause niggas been stuck on 2007 out here and everybody know it except DALLAS. LOL. I LOVE DALLAS. I just wish the people werent swamped with ignorance. If the people most concerned with why DALLAS isnt on (Say Cheese TV) really gave a fuck, they would let theyre fan base (which is mainly south of 35) know whats up. Im not asking them to nor do i care if they do but if they ginuinely cared about the sake of DALLAS culture they would do it because thats whats needed to prove DALLAS is up to speed with the rest of the country and the HIP HOP ERA of today. Who are you to say we not on and aint none of you even left this bitch . From being on the road seeing what all the major cities in america have to offer locally, Dallas and Chicago are the only places we can say have a thriving local scene. DALLAS aint ON because SOME of these outlets dont acknowledge who actually got this DALLAS poppin. OH YEA, VIEWS AND FOLLOWERS DONT MATTER IN THIS CASE. THE INDUSTRY DOES. and they know whats up. Its up to DALLAS to play catch up. But DALLAS cant if NIGGAS is intentionally blocking. A.Dd+, Dustin Cavazos, and lets not forget BLUE (from BRAINGANG, TDE affiliated) is what got DALLAS poppin on some cool shit. That other shit is for the birds. No offense to anyones craft, but obviously the people want substance.. lets not hold our city back from greatness. In conclusion, i appreciate all support of the DALLAS hip hop scene and im very greatful for our success and position in the city. On the cool doe, im tired of this shit, i just wanna be famous. Got a problem with anything ive said in this letter, you can find me AUGUST 30TH on stage at the GRANADA for Devin The Dude concert . - Slim Gravy

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A.Dd+ Live at The Door | Photos by 13th Village

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San Francisco-based creative collective Yours Truly captured this year’s ever-so-dope Gorilla vs Bear II festivities at Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. Check out their footage, which includes us sound checking, as well as performing live with DJ Sober, PICNICTYME and Mz. Fortune. They also caught Slim doing the James Brown in his clean, white shoes.

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Scenes from last week’s performance at Bryan Street Tavern, presented by Top Shelf Shows.

Photos by Gloria Levario

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Central Track compiled buzz rankings for the past 6 months. Guess who is at the top of the list. S/O to our DJ Sober for also making the list. #ADdHoe

Central Track compiled buzz rankings for the past 6 months. Guess who is at the top of the list. S/O to our DJ Sober for also making the list. #ADdHoe

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West Coastin’ With A.Dd+ | Pt. 2

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Scenes from Gorilla vs Bear II at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. Photos by Mike Brooks

Scenes from Gorilla vs Bear II at the Granada Theater in Dallas, TX. Photos by Mike Brooks

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A.Dd+ “Can’t Come Down” Live at Gorilla vs Bear II

Video by gundleock

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A.Dd+ - Mary Go (DJ Eleven Remix)

New tuneage for your ear holes! We go disco with DJ Eleven’s “Mary Go” remix.


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#GVB2 #ADdHoe (Taken with Instagram at Granada Theater)

#GVB2 #ADdHoe (Taken with Instagram at Granada Theater)

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